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It’s that time of the year for your *free* medical Check up!!!

As the year come to an end its more important for us to remind you of how important your health is. Each year its important to see your Primary care physician for an annual medical examination. Having this primary care examination is more important as we age and  as the year comes to an end keeping a close eye on your health is most important. At EHS VI Clinic we will our Preventive Health services, these are age and gender based check-up panels which are produced for diagnosis and treatment of possible diseases and risks. We have our are General, Over 40 male, Below 40 male, Detailed over 40 female, Detailed under 40 female, Cardiac check-up and Master check-up programs.

The most important element of our programs is personal time spent with doctor. During this time period, our doctor learns about if the person has a complaint or not, individual nutrition, lifestyle, occupation, mobility level, living conditions, family history, drugs and other supplements used by person. After examination, doctor assesses physical and mental status, learns expectations and gains good level of knowledge about person’s health. From then on the doctor has information to perform individual tests necessary for that person in the case of any health risks.

Because we just opened a new clinic in your neighbourhood, we are writing to offer you a free basic medical examination* to all the businesses and families in a 15km radius of our clinic located at 3 Ogalade Close Victoria Island Lagos. Visit our website at or Call our Office at +234019036969 to make an appointment.

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